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Access Control and Biometric Scanners

Offering the World’s best performing Biometric Scanners and Smart Card Readers for your home or commercial needs

Access Control and Biometric Scanners

Programmed badges, access cards, i.d's, or biometric scanners will allow entry access for employees and official personnel . We offer a wide variety of access control systems and will install a custom solution that fits your business needs. Call us at 1 (888) 347-9305 for a free on site consultation.

Visitor Management Systems

State of the art visitor management systems and software.

Smart Access Readers

We offer a wide range of proximity, wiregand,  magnetic stripe, barcode, and advanced biometric scanners to fit your needs.


Door locks and access control panel installation. We can work with existing equipment or brand new installation.

Cloud Based Access Control

Permissions are saved on the cloud meaning that the administrator can manage the software from anywhere and can even be at home. Saving time and money

Mobile and Smartphone Based Access Control

Once authorized, and users have downloaded the access control app on their device access can be granted with bluetooth technology turning your phone into a smart access card 

IOT Based Access Control

Bluetooth energy, NFC, and internet connectivity, control all the door readers are connected to the internet. can be updated to provide new functionality

Integrates with existing hardware saving money

At Salem Security we can work with your existing equipment, saving you time and money. Call us today for a free consultaion. 

Fully Configurable Access Control

We offer time-based access, role-based access, level-based access, count-based access, and other configurable options for your access control system.

Security Done Right! Let us help you with your security needs. Call 1-888-347-9305 today for a free consultation.

No matter what type of industry you’re in, our security systems and services can help you actively detect threats and deter crime before it becomes a problem. You can monitor and analyze your data to get a better insight into your company and get real-time access to information you need to make informed security decisions.
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Our office in the Chicagoland area provides security system design, installation, service, and 24/7 monitoring for complete security systems, including intrusion alarms, access control, video surveillance, and integrated systems.
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